Why Did You Call it Crowd Hydrant?

Why’d you call it Crowd Hydrant? It’s a question we’ve heard more than a few times. There were several reasons. In part, because both the web address and business name were available. But, we brainstormed a lot of available names and it was our top pick. Most importantly, because it best describes our business model - supporting innovators with crowd funding, sourcing, and marketing services.

The idea for our company stemmed from a recent experience we had submitting one of our new business concepts to a couple of different startup incubators. As we went through the process of developing the content and creating the team and product videos that would support our application, it occurred to us that other people with great ideas might need help getting them to market. We also began to question why we were chasing venture capital when we could take our concept directly to the crowd.


It’s an interesting time to start a business. In the past, maybe you named a business after your product, your family, or chose a name starting with A (or maybe even AAAAA...) just to get the first listing in the Yellow Pages. Nowadays it’s all about the Internet. A business’s website is one of its most important assets. For that reason, we felt it was important for our web address to match our new company’s name.

Web addresses that are verbose, include unnecessary words like web, info, or online, or use hyphenation or unusual spellings just make it harder for people to find your site. We wanted to remove those barriers by keeping it simple - using real, easily pronounceable words that people could easily absorb in conversation. We wanted our website to match our name exactly, so when we started brainstorming potential names, one of the requirements was that the URL had to be available.

Did you know that as of the end of 2011, there are over 555 million websites and that 300 million were added in the last year alone? Over 95 million of them have .com suffixes. Since we didn’t have the money to buy a high profile domain (social.com sold last year for $2.6 million) we needed a name that was available. As you can imagine that limited the field a bit. Even so, we got pretty creative and came up with some interesting choices, including:

  • CrowdLube.com
  • ClusterFling.com
  • CrowdThrottle.com
  • CrowdedConcepts.com


We discussed all the choices and stack ranked them according to a bunch of different criteria. Crowd Hydrant came out on top.  If you’re going to douse a big blaze, you need a lot of water. There’s just not enough capacity from a pump, tap or spigot. Our solutions help clients tap into a huge resource in the crowd. Only a hydrant could support that kind of flow.

Once we knew the URL was available, our next step was to make sure it was available as a business name in our state (Ohio.) It was, and we decided to move forward. We purchased CrowdHydrant.com and incorporated as a Limited Liability Company - we’re actually registered as Crowd Hydrant, LLC. We officially launched on June 15, 2012 and are now open for business.

At Crowd Hydrant we help innovators take their ideas to market. We offer crowdfunding support to get projects funded successfully. We provide crowdsourcing solutions to help customers innovate more quickly, get better feedback, and access the time and brainpower only crowds can provide. We deliver content through social media, helping clients drive awareness, traffic, and leads. We offer strategy, planning and execution. We're affordable and effective.

If you’re interested in hearing more, CONTACT US TODAY. We’ll begin by consulting with you and provide innovative solutions to help you build and grow your business.