Who We Are


Who We Are

The team at Crowd Hydrant has a wide variety of skills and we've worked with some of America's biggest brands. Now we're bringing that experience to you, the inventor, the entrepreneur and the innovator. Our team has decades of experience in almost every facet of business, including:

We’ve sold hardware, software, and consumables while working for large corporations and small businesses. We’ve made thousands of sales calls and closed hundreds of deals. We can help you define your sales strategy, provide tools to help you manage your sales efforts, and leverage the crowd to provide the “feet on the street” you’ll need if your product or service is best sold person-to-person.

We’ve crafted marketing strategy and delivered tactically in almost every vertical for both B2B and B2C brands. We’ve promoted brick & mortar, virtual, and online businesses. We have deep experience in marketing interactively through direct mail, email, SMS text, search engine optimization, web and mobile advertising, product sampling, viral video, and mass media including print, radio, and TV. With an understanding of your business and budget, we can design a strategy that gets you started quickly with little cost, or help allocate your planned investment across the right channels to maximize ROI.

In almost every scenario, in both B2B and B2C, we’ll recommend a heavy dose of content marketing delivered through social media. CLICK HERE to learn how to leverage the crowd through content and social media marketing.

Technology is no longer tactical. It’s an investment that influences the design of operations and defines capabilities. We’ve developed applications for many industries on many different platforms.  We’ve delivered software for the web and private networks and developed apps for mobile and social media, but perhaps our greatest strength is in our keen ability to evaluate technology and recommend a plan for integration with your current systems.

We get under the hood and make sure the software works as advertised. Further, it usually takes a group of software solutions to fully meet an organization’s needs. To get full advantage of their capabilities, someone needs to be thinking about where, when, why, and how they should connect. We provide that expertise. Finally, opportunities strike fast and being agile requires having someone who can find and manage the technical resources needed to meet aggressive time lines. We provide the resources and manage the timeline, keeping the project on time and on budget.

The solution to most business problems are typically found in people, process, or technology. If you’re experiencing operational pain its best to start with a thorough review of your process. Whether you’re flying by the seat of your pants, or already have defined procedures, we help find and solve bottlenecks by reviewing (and documenting!) your current processes and suggesting improvements. Certainly people and technology play a significant role - and we’re big believers that in the long-run its easier to solve problems with technology than manpower - but it all starts with a streamlined process.

Our team has significant experience in sourcing the funds needed to start and grow a business. We’ve worked with angels, venture capitalists and others, but frankly see them as middlemen between you and the consumer. The JOBS Act, signed into law in 2012, dramatically changes the funding process, making it possible for entrepreneurs to solicit donations and/or investment via the web. Crowdfunding allows you to market to customers on consignment! Dozens of crowdfunding platforms, such as Kickstarter have already launched and more are on the way. They each specialize in certain niches. We help you determine the right platform, prepare your project for submission, and even provide the video, which more than anything else will determine the success of your crowdfunding project.