Video Services

To be effective with content marketing you've got to tell a story. What better way to tell your story than through highly engaging, branded video?

Creative Video + Marketing = Branded Storytelling

Crowd Hydrant has partnered with Plum Street Productions to offer a complete suite of video services. We do it all, including:

  • ReadConcept, storyboards, and script
  • Location, talent, wardrobe, and props
  • High-Definition video
  • Editorial and post-production
  • Delivery to your platform of choice
  • Tracking and measurement

Adding video to your mix can help you drive:

  • BRAND AWARENESS - 83% of senior executives said in a recent survey that they're watching more online video than they were just one year ago
  • WEB TRAFFIC - 65% of those same execs said they were most likely to visit a vendor's website after viewing a video
  • CONVERSION - 43% in the survey mentioned they had purchased a product or service after seeing a video

What types of video should you consider? View these samples of our work:

WELCOME VIDEO - Introduce your services through a dynamic "elevator pitch" on the homepage of your website

ANIMATED VIDEO - Explain concepts using custom illustrated designs featuring animated motion graphics

COMPANY VIGNETTE - Highlight the people behind the brand, creating a personal touch that connects with your target audience

TUTORIALS - Educate your audience about the features and benefits of your product or supply training to simplify post-sale support

DEMONSTRATIONS - Shorten sales cycles by demonstrating how your product or service works

COMMERCIALS - 30 or 60 second spots that build awareness and drive traffic to your website

INTERVIEWS - Conduct interviews with partners, vendors, and customers to demonstrate thought leadership in your niche


To learn more about our video services, please CONTACT US