Crowdsourcing Changes How We Work


Lately it seems crowdsourcing has caught fire. Even though the concept is not new, it’s picking up steam in the press and businesses are taking notice. While crowdsourcing can be an important tool for businesses in need of labor, it is also likely to become a bigger source of income for working people. In light of today’s economic climate, it’s relatively easy to see crowdsourcing as the full-time “job” of the future. Instead of working for a company, people will register with various crowdsourcing platforms, share their skill sets, and in return for money, pick projects and tasks that they find appealing. A clear win-win for both the enterprise and the individual.

But for businesses there can be other rewards. Engaging the crowd to assist with product development and other tasks can create an unexpected side benefit - the people who work on the project often become the organization’s most loyal advocates and its most valuable consumers. A recent article written by Bill Johnson, Dell’s Director of Global Community sums it up nicely:

“Many crowdsourcing efforts focus on the content created by the project – the actual Wikipedia site, or the ideas submitted on an ideas site. The actual content created is certainly a valuable asset, but it is only part of the picture. The crowd can also be an extremely valuable asset, and my company has seen this through its recent research on the value created by the IdeaStorm site.”

“Dell found that IdeaStorm members spend more money, purchase more frequently and have a higher value over their lifetime. So, in addition to all the great ideas, the IdeaStorm community is driving customer engagement and revenue.”

One of the challenges for many organizations is in creating the infrastructure needed to support crowdsourcing initiatives. The business must be able to support and collaborate with a remote and mobile workforce. Also, businesses need to think through the strategy and messaging before launching a crowdsourced initiative. Poor execution and/or treating people unfairly can create unintended negative consequences that are magnified in today’s socially connected world.

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