Are you a non-profit or have a cause you're trying to support? Have you heard of crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding platforms allow people to create a project for a cause or business and allow a crowd of people to support it financially. There are over 400 crowdfunding platforms in existance already and more are on the way. This has created a big opportunity for fundraising and charitable giving. In August 2012, Razoo, a crowdfunding platform for causes, announces its online community had raised $100 million for more than 14,000 nonprofits, and more than half of that in 9 short months. Kickstarter, another platform, is on pace to raise more money for fine arts projects than the National Endowment for Arts, which has a $150 Million budget.

Why aren't more non-profits taking advantage of this opportunity? Cost is probably a factor. It takes an investment to publish a professional project and market it effectively.

But what if your project had a corporate partner who was willing to make the upfront investment to have their brand associated it? Its Cause Marketing and businesses do it all the time when "a portion of the proceeds go to charity." Businesses also have marketing budgets and use those dollars to build brand awareness, generate leads, and grow their revenue. Affiliating with a successful cause marketing camapaign can help them achieve all three.

Sound like a win-win? The cause gets the help it needs upfront. The business gets the goowdwill, brand awareness and recognition that goes along with it. But, what's the financial opportunity?

50% of projects are successfully funded. The average project receives $5,000. But, some projects collect hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are many reasons why some get huge support and others don't, but one of the big reasons is reach. To be successful with crowdfunding, you've got to spread the word.

Crowd Hydrant helps causes and businesses unite to crowdfund successfully. We provide advice on crowdfunding platforms. We'll prepare the application and produce the all-important video. We manage the logistics once the project is funded. Most importantly, we create the plan for getting the word out. We leverage the marketing resources of the sponsor, the cause, and Crowd Hydrant to drive traffic to the project page. Afterall, more eyeballs = more $$$.

We're affordable and effective. Depending on the opportunity we can quote a flat price to manage the project, or work on commission.

To learn more or discuss ways your cause or business might benefit from crowdfunding, call us at 513-318-8910 or CONTACT US via email today.