Due in large part to the passage of the JOBS act, startup business growth is set to explode.

The new law makes it possible for entrepreneurs to solicit investment in their firm or brand to individuals via the web, creating a new industry - crowdfunding. Software teams are rushing to get their platforms and apps to market to support it. New crowdfunding websites are popping up daily. Companies are using it, not only for startup capital, but also in exchange for items that they agree to produce if demand is high enough. It's like marketing to your customers on consignment. You build when you have orders (and money) in hand. While this levels the playing field for little guy, it will also open huge opportunities for bigger companies who want the same leverage. Imagine being an electronics company, crowdfunding your next device and building only the number of units ordered.

Crowd Hydrant supports this growing industry. We help clients navigate the process and manage the details, including

  • crowdfunding platform recommendations (There are dozens to choose from)
  • application content (We’ll write it for you!)
  • Video production   (The most important element for any crowdfunding project!)
  • Promotional items
  • Product fulfillment and reporting
  • Content marketing and social media


At Crowd Hydrant we help dreamers take their ideas to market. We use crowdsourcing to engage consumers and leverage their collective intelligence. We use crowdfunding to obtain financial backing. Involving users in the process creates powerful brand advocates and we benefit from word of mouth promotion. If you’re interested in hearing more, CONTACT US TODAY. We’ll begin by consulting with you and provide innovative solutions to help you build and grow your business.